Although all information on this website is accurate to the best of our knowledge, we reserve the right to alter information at any time.

Entries submitted to Discovery and excavation in Scotland (DES) will be published in Archaeology Scotland's annual journal (in hard copy and/or digital formats). The information may also be added to the searchable DES map, which may be accessed via the DES page on the Archaeology Scotland website. Information submitted to DES will also be added to the HES database (Canmore).

Copyright for text and images published in DES will rest with Archaeology Scotland. If it is the case that an author does not wish to assign the copyright of their own images in the manuscript to the journal copyright owner this can be accomodated. Authors wishing to retain the copyright in an image should indicate this by adding into the figure caption wording suca a "Copyright Author name". This will ensure that anyone who may subequently want to reference the work or reuse the image will know who owns the copyright and therefore who to contact for further permission.


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